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 Around the world the human race is being hunted by the most deadly virus mankind has ever witness.


This known virus has no emotional feelings for who may be its next victim , nor does it know the word meaning for "discrimination". Discrimination is a known word that is known to mankind , and often shown in their actions , and heard in their speech. When discrimination is seen in ones action , and heard in ones speech it administers favoritism , and preference of choice often time overlooking those who are worthy as well. Within the overcrowded Florida Prison System are thousands of worthy men , and women who are worthy of release in general and under the present conditions of a deadly virus who have served 10 to 50 years day for day in a system that has no form of rehabilitation or reform. But these men and women have learned to rehabilitate themselves through spirituality , and whatever they were able to stumble upon at a institution without institutional policy blocks , due to their sentence structure.


And still they are overlooked year in, and year out despite their positive progress and accomplishments by legislative members , and the Governor of their State just because their committed crime was violent. Clearly, their positive actions and accomplishments through spirituality and self rehabilitation ,during their period of incarceration does show signs of growth, maturity, and the desire for real change in their lives. But still our Government Officials never considers giving us a chance to prove that we can be productive citizens in society if given a chance when even now having to reduce the overcrowding prison population to save lives , and to prevent the spreading of this deadly virus when technology has advance to where they can know the inmates whereabout 24/7 by G.P.S monitor upon release.


Even now when the world's most deadly virus is seeking whom it may devour , the Government Officials (Federal/State )still have their eyes only on one set of individuals ( nonviolent) to release back into society in case of an emergency and , therefore, leaving the violently charged inmates who crimes are 10 to 50 years old behind that are worthy for release under G.P.S. monitoring.


Clearly, the time has come where our Government Officials must look just beyond the (nonviolent inmates Federal/State) , and look at the many worthy inmates who have served 10 to 50years in prison day for day who yearns for a chance to show the world and their Government Officials that they have learned from their mistakes , and matured and can be a trusted productive citizens in society with the G.P.S., supervision as proof and strict rules ,and regulations to follow to show their commitment to remain free citizens.


 Our Government Officials in this day and time must embrace change , and understand that over time the human mind changes its process of thinking from negative to positive , and from wrong to right. This deadly virus must break the shackles of discrimination (nonviolent over violent) that has been embraced by our Governmental Officials (Federal/State) for decades to ensure the safety, and survival of all inmates from this deadly virus that would eat through an overcrowded prison population like kids eating candy.


 Time and this sudden change that the world is experiencing must teach us all how to see things from a different perspective , and to go against the norms that has been held on to for decades by the ancient political ideology of other Governmental Officials who were before the present Honorable Government Officials in order to help the world see that those who we thought could not change for the better surely can. 


 The ones who have been overlooked (Federal/State) for years are the real worth that has increased in value , because time has a way of developing real change in individuals who know one thought could ever change for the better. Its time to give those who have been down for decades that were charged with a violent crime a chance without discriminating based on their pass . It's time to judge by their accomplishments and who they have become while being incarcerated , and no longer by their pass mistakes. Now is the time to look beyond just the nonviolent inmates for release due to this serious threat of this deadly virus, but to consider those who have changed for the better while being incarcerated for their pass mistakes that happen decades ago.


 For every thing there is a season , and a time for every purpose under heaven, and our Governmental Officials must embrace truth, change,growth,and believe in taking chances with those who have been overlooked when advance technology does exist to help them monitor their desire and commitment to remain free , and productive in society.

At South Bay a pilot project was started in 2016. It is called "The Civics Education Project" in cooperation with GEO Group, Inc., and in partnership with Florida Atlantic University (FAU), Boca Ration, FL. Dr. Marshal DeRosa, Professor of Political Science, FAU is Director and Jim Flanagan, M.A. Associate Director are our teachers-guides. Their primary goal is to reduce recidivism through the circulation of life changing contemplative studies. In class we are encouraged to open discussion of social, constitutional, and ethical issues the study and analysis of America's constitutional cannons, and voluntary sharing of personal blueprints and experiences in the long road to ethical, moral, and spiritual recovery. We are given inspiration to take care of our civil rights for success and safety-and therein take care of our prosperity. 

I have successfully completed the 104 hour quadrivium program i.e., Civics, Ethics, Economics, and Literature, and play a part in "The Eli DeRosa Civic Club." The manifesto is to make our voices heard, in a coordinated and unified effort to change public perceptions. Certainly, not all free people have a sweet and benevolent expression of countenance, a solid judgment, good sense, a most affectionate disposition, the tenderest sensibility of heart, and elevated piety. We expect our essaying to provoke support and strength upon a body of people, with which to reform political and legal perplexities confronting both sides. 

There are arguments that can be told most persuasively against our cause. Therefore, delicacy is necessary to a successful project of reform. We are people with no liberty, so we need to attract an audience with praising the civics project and others with like minded goals such as, you and any and all organizations. Just what is the will of the people? Is it to continue to allow the criminal justice system legistative subcommittee & appropriation committees to exchange things in a quid pro quo, because they allocate money to a political system. Public opinions seem to be generally considered irrelevant. 

There is a Property Right Assignment (PRA) to interest groups who are dependent on money to incarcerated people made in subcommittees before a bill goes to full house for a vote. Making prisoners a political market, so reform has a vested interest in the cost as behind closed doors of legistators they cut deals. With this in mind, we must don a metaphorical smock and essay a critical look at the criminal justice system, discretion of judges in sentencing, the parole authority's discretionary and arbitrary-subjective release decisions, and a composition for reentry assistance with affordable housing etc., for successful transition, addressing Florida's parlous financial situation in regards to crime and supervision, reducing unnecessary tax expense from overgrown corrections system, reeducating the public by publishing accurate information about crime and recidivism, restoring victims and communities, and recognizing proven methods of reducing crime while improving public safety. EOM, in solidarity


The recent development I'm hearing most about is the gathering of state citizens on the steps of our legislature's respected houses, pleading for the prison and judicial reforms, saying unanimously, "My son was a good boy... he made a mistake... he's not a bad person... give him rehabilitation, help him, and reduce his sentence so he can come home." Those cries for help on our behalf have impassioned me on a personal level to push the following message, please share this with your friends.
For far too long, lawmakers have gathered in our State Capitol and reaped the rewards while we at home have born the cost and gained very little. Many government officials have forgotten... and WE have forgotten that our lawmakers and judges, police and our governor are public servants. We are not a class of people ruled over by governments, we are a free people who rule by a democratic system via a republican form of government. When we elected Governor Ron DeSantis, we did so for him to serve, to help us pursue our ever evolving progressions forward. The same is true of our senators and representatives. And that is not a slight towards them, but a grim reminder to you. You see, while the Honorable DeSantis, Senator Brandes or Representative Diane Hart have taken office to be a trail blazer like the many who also serve with them, like Senator Powell and Bracey and so many others, how do you expect them to tackle decades of junk legislation from special interest groups without your support? To say it a different way, if "all political power is inherent in the people '' and the people are asleep or disengaged, how is Rep. Diane Hart supposed to confront and reform the abuse of previous administrations? While you're at home cheering or secretly hoping for the change, special interest groups are at work with boots on the ground.
When our forefathers built this country they went against an age old wisdom and experience instead of setting up the strongest possible central government from which to "extend" certain rights to certain classes of people, the American revolutionists set up the weakest possible central government and left the power with the people to erect such forms and law as they deemed just and proper, with the state constitutions acting as buffers. Where the constitution weakened the central powers, the bill of rights weakened it even further. The bill of rights is not an extinction of rights, it is a prohibition of power. Read the amendments... they aren't talking to you and I, they don't speak in the positive, they speak in the negative. It doesn't say we have the right to exercise our religion, it says "congress shall make no laws respecting religion" nor does it give you the right to bear firearms, it says that the right to have them "shall not be infringed" upon. Its not talking to you and I, its talking to the government. And that's important because when all the power remains with the people, the people are asleep trying to keep up with the Jones'... abuse of power is imminent.
Since 1968, our legislature took a huge step forward. Where they previously had the last word on all legislative action, they now had the first and last word. Meaning that they no longer took the governor's bills as their check list and held the "last word," but they now have the first word also they can take the will of the people and create bills to put before the body proper and push our agenda. The only limits set upon our legislature are those established by the constitution. That limitation is us. "All political power is inherent in the people." Article 1, sec.1, Fla. Const.(1969 rev.).
Legal crash course aside... this is YOUR STATE, your home! But when Governor DeSantis steps up to the daunting task of ensuring that we are building OUR tomorrow, and his people return to work as if to say he can single handedly reform something as corrupt as our prison system that is full of theft from the top down... when he brings in a real life hero like General Mark Inch and decides to reform our prison system and the people remain silent, the result is impotence. Not theirs my friend... ours.
Voting is powerful, but so much more powerful is your voices wielded by the skill of Rep. Diane Hart, Senator Bracey and the rest of our cast and crew. I don't know how politically inclined you are, but look around at what we have in our Governor's mansion, in our Senate and House of Representatives! Awakening the people has always proven difficult, but expecting our men and women in the respected houses to waive a legislative wand with none of the "power [that] is inherent in the people" is impossible.
And so with that I want to remind all of you who you are. You are made in the image of a God for crying out loud!! This is your year! This is your moment! Utilize Florida statute 11.044 for what its intended and petition your government for redress of grievance and offer your opinions on legislative action. Your tomorrow depends on it. Believe me when I tell you, your tomorrow depends on it far more than you may realize it. We have a providential grant of authority that changes the entire course of history to come... but without diving off that platform in this message, take the moment and make it count... all of you. Bind yourselves together, you ARE the answer. Nothing is impossible for you, but nothing comes to a dreamer but sleep either.
And so when you gather on the steps of the Senate to make your will known, do it as a ruling class of informed citizens rather than a commoner asking for permission. For those at home, join their effort by petition. Call your representative or email your senator. All political power is inherent in the people, but that means responsibility. It means awakening. It means leaving a brighter tomorrow for our children by premeditated design, not by luck. Ask what you can do to help, and then, for God's sake, do it. You're more than capable... you were created for it!