Hamilton CI prep for heat

They have just put up a Memo on the bulletin board in the day room dated 7-1-20 from The Office of Institutions and is labeled:

2020 Seasonal Preparedness

Heat Mitigation

May thru September…


* Extreme heat is a period of high heat and humidity with temperatures above 90 degrees for at least two to three days. In extreme heat the body work extra hard to maintain a normal temperature, which can lead to death. Extreme heat is responsible for the highest number of annual deaths among all weather-related hazards.

It is noted that extreme heat can occur quickly and without warning older adults, children and sick or overweight individuals are at a greater risk from extreme heat and humidity increases the feeling of heat as measured by a heat index.


*In order to ease the negative impact of extreme heat on our staff and inmate population, the Department is implementing the following actions:

Education/Situation Awareness

° Placement of posters on institutional bulletin boards which outline the CDC guidelines with early warning signs for heat-

related illnesses (heat stroke, heat exhaustion, heat cramps, sunburn) and dehydration along with intervention measures during the months of May thru September. Similarly, specific

instructions will be in place during then cold months of December thru February.

- Information to be relayed thru placement of hard copy posters as well as JPay messaging.

° 2020 Security Advisory: Heat Awareness

- COVID 19 - Heat Related Concerns/Strategies While Wearing Face Mask

° 2020 Security Advisory: Heat Awareness (CANINE CARE)

- Canine Tracking and Canine Interdiction Unit - Heat Related Concerns/Strategies Security Operations

° Staff Impact

- Variance to Procedure 602.016 to allow the following (pending annual procedure review):

Allow staff to bring in an electrolyte drink mix in factory sealed single-serve packaging. Increase the size specification from 20 ounce to 34

ounce size of clear, empty reusable container such as a Tervis® tumbler or a water bottle (removable daily)

- Allow staff awareness to introduce and use a Department approved cooling cloth.

- Ensure staff awareness of the uniform hat, available for purchase thru PRIDE uniform portal.

- Wardens will consider environment conditions (heat and cold) when establishing special teams training and tryout schedules (with update to Procedure 602.022).

- Ensure staff supervising recreation yard activities and internal security functions are afforded the option to rotate out hourly during the hottest (May-Sept.) months.

-Ensure awareness training of staff performing transport duties to include adequate ventilation in the inmate compartment when the vehicle is not air conditioned.

-Ensure that a water keg is provided for portable water in vehicles used for perimeter security.

° Inmate Impact

-Provide hourly 10-minute breaks for inside and outside grounds, laundry, and other strenuous jobs working on institutional property during the hottest months of (May-Sept.).

-Adjust the schedules of outside grounds and maintenance so that work can begin as soon as sufficient sunlight is available during the hottest months of (May-Sept.).

Work Squads

° Provide hourly 10-minute breaks for inmates assigned to community work squads during the hottest months of (May-Sept.).

° Provide inmate work squads with electrolyte drink mix (suitable for 5 -gallon quantity) daily.


° Contract provider will amend menu to include the following, following the Canteen Review Committee Meeting

-Cooling towels (white)

--"wicking" shirt (white for males, grey for females)

-Straw hats (appearance is different from medical-issued hats)

-Electrolyte drink mix

-Electrolyte menu items (e.g., Pickle Pops)

-Water (product change resulting in lower item cost of .67¢ per. bottle/$1.02 per bottle)



° Medical staff will provide instruction to inmate population during the institutional orientation which states:

*Some type of medications may cause sensitivity to the sun. If you have questions about whether any of the medications that you are taking can cause sensitivity to the sun, please submit form DC-236, Inmate Request.

Mark the "Medical" box and Write "Sun" at the top of the Request.

° Medical staff will provide seasonal awareness clinics during the months of May and October to provide information related to

season concerns.

° Inmate Reception Orientation - covers seasonal awareness (add to inmate orientation handbooks) with additional emphasis on the

effect of sun exposure with certain medications.

Food Service

° Implementation of seasonal menu which utilizes pre-cooked entries and deserts for usage during the specified months of (May-Sept.). This menu will consist of two hot meals and one cold meal served daily, with the option to swap the cold lunch meal to dinner, thereby mitigating the heat thru:

Reduction of radiant heat with cooking completed in the morning and early afternoon and cooking equipment turned off immediately thereafter.

- Reduction of humidity with lessen dish washing, which will assist lowering the humidity in the kitchens.

° "Bakers" will be scheduled to work in the AM shift, baking items to cover two meals/days at a time with appropriate storage to

maintain freshness.

Physical Plant

° Installation of "misting stations" in recreational areas is approved.

° Facility Maintenance staff will conduct weekly inspections of all HVAC/Circulation systems to include "WALL MOUNTED FANS, ceiling fans and exhaust fans. Temporary ventilation equipment will be utilized when systems are inoperable.

° Facility Maintenance staff will conduct weekly inspections of water coolers. Portable water (waster keg) will be utilized if water cooler is inoperable.

° Dormitory lights will be turned off when sufficient natural light is available during the hottest months (May-Sept.).

- Lights may be turned on by staff when natural light does not sufficiently illuminate then dorm to perform searches or other security related activities.

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