Dear Diary

The rest of the week we get stuff you probably wouldn't feed a dog, but we accept it cause we're soft and scared of the man. What I'd really like to know is: prison is one of the biggest businesses in Florida. All these taxes that get paid by john q. Where does the money go? It certainly doesn't go to us. There's no programs here to help better ourselves to try and stop recidivism for when they get out. The man wants us to come back because they're making money hand over foot off us.

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Ohio spends about $12,000 on education per student per year. Guess how much they spend on incarcerated youth?

Dear Diary

dear diary, I love him to death but when he's on that K2 I don't wanna be near him. Nobody even knows what's in it . Its poison and its ruining the whole chain gang. It makes good people bad and bad p

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