Anonymous messages from prison and the response from readers


Editor's Note: I chose to leave in the thread of comments from an accusation a message was propaganda. People you have never met jumped to your defense because they trust our integrity. Please carry this with you in all your days and decisions!


I know all to well how abuse can hurt all the way to the core and creep into every aspect of your life. Though that abuse was not sexual, physical and mental abuse can be just as bad to a young and fragile psyche, especially when you don't understand how a man that's not your real father can beat you and your mom mercilessly everyday for no reason other than he can and what's worse is the mother that you love but she doesn't love you back doesn't even try to stop it..smh the effects can be cruel on a young mind and make you hateful, cold-hearted, and resentful. This leads to a violent mentality quick to be defensive and lash out at others, not to mention the trust issues because if your own mother does love you, then how can you expect any one else too? Unfortunately this all can lead to a cross road in life and in the hood as they say most often leads to a life of crime.


You see that's why a bill like the Second Look Act is so important because some of us spiral into this negative way of thinking and living and it's truly NOT until you really, really go through something and see the world turn its back on you that you realize hey your not truly a grown man because grown men think and do what's best for the ones they love and NOT in the bad and negative ways; its used for quick personal gain, by thinking for the future and being the young respectable men that God called us to be all along. I pass no blame because ultimately the choices I made were mine and mine alone. If you have been hurt, broken and abused all your life were those decisions truly ALL YOURS? if your brain isn't fully developed, and your not mature enough in mind not to just follow the things of your environment that only lead right to prison.


The blessing in the lesson I/we had to learn is in true growth, because now I'm forced to choose to grow up or continue to be a pawn for evil. So I chose to grow, I started reading books, before I had never done that, I chose to educate myself and help other younger inmates with life and man problems through wisdom and not just fist. I've lead pray calls and bible studies. Not that I'm holier then thou, but God see's my growth and to me that's all that matters. I refuse to be the same man that I came in as and its sad but I had to go through this to learn and appreciate the many blessings that I over looked all along.


So yes a bill like this gives me hope. Ask the Senators where TRUE incentive to change lies, half of your inmate population doesn't have HOPE. This type of bill does just that.. So I Thank You for fighting to give HOPE to the ones that are trying to change there lives because sometimes just a little hope can push the worse of them to think positive and look forward to a better tomorrow.

  • This is heart touching, raw, & a necessary read! Great positivity. 

  • Beautifully stated truth 

  • GOD, will never leave or forsake you

  • OMG/ this is what my grandson has gone thru/ mother brainwashed by grandson' s stepfather/ my daughter's husband! My grandson was wrong/ can' t say he is innocent/ but not a THUG/ just a emotionally and mentally mixed up 21 yr. old. He is in xxx and my daughter belongs in the cell next to him/ as she helped put him there for 16 months! Never taught him respect/ responsibility, etc.

  • I wish the Second Look Act was a Senate Bill on State level. We all  deserve a second chance.

  •  May I share this?...A; Sure!...reply: Thank you!

  • For Real!! Don't give up on hope.Still, it is cruel that Prison and afterwards when you get out that you are given an opportunity. I'm all for renaming b.s. words like Felon to formally incarcerated. You r doing good...Yeah being beat is not good n it does harden you n make you mistrust yourself and everyone else. Go forward and I clearly see why a Bill like the second act can work n should be should be named in your name because it's not a second act in the system but in honor of you.Period.

  •  They will Reep What They Soe...Vengeance Is Mind Sayeth The Lord., Vengeance Is Mind...Sorry if I misspell any words.

  • Sure. I did some research on The second act bill. IDK, I don't know if they federal prisons are protecting themselves or the PEOPLE who are incarcerated.It looked like at several times grant money was held in if shore banking accounts.It's all so corrupt. I mean clearly this person suffered before then now then after release. It's his truth!!There's a second Act then Trump signed the first act. Beginning to loose my mind on who is the "criminal."

  • It seems propagandaish but I love the way it was wrote... which makes me think it's fake 

    •   What kind of person are you. It's NOT FAKE.

    • I'm not saying it is. I said it seems. It's so well written and the message so clearly and smoothly conveyed I swore he was about to try and sell me something. I loved it. I mean that in a good way

    •  if you bought it then he was a persuasive writer.

    • What other reason would someone present a scenario that is as true as this letter.Parents screw up their kids. Period.

    • Sorry OG he was not trying to sell you anything but speak his truth.

    • Love it or not, but remember it's propaganda NOT ish

    • not fake

    • all the messages from prison are real. Only edits are spelling and punctuation and such. I guess some prisoners do more than watch tv all day.


    • I can tell you meant no harm, brother. People are quick to judge, but I know you mean wel

When you see first hand how they hold some of these modern day lynchings behind close doors such as court trials, the judicial system will always fail. One or two things happen, the judge and prosecutor may be held accountable for malicious prosecution and every trial should be held on TV so the world can see. Have you ever seen a trial held on national TV across the world and a person is found guilty? Examples: Casey Anthony, Robert Blake, OJ, George Zimmerman, Harvey Wenstien, received lesser included offense. None of these were innocent in my eyes, it's just hard not to go by the rules of court when the public is watching.

  • Absolutely! there is court TV that is a great idea 

  • Thats too transparent for doc

  • Yes when big brother is watching & one is aware people tend to act differently.

  • I believe our system would be better. Especially with body cams in the institutions with the inabiility to turn them off.  Talk about transparent & decrease in abuse!

My names Mr.Eric L. Williams. I'm 46 yrs. old. I was born and raised in Ocala, Florida. I attended schools such as, College Park, N.H. Jones Elementary, Osceola Middle School, and Forest High School. I even did a short stint at North West Central and Community Education Center. When I was 24 yrs. old I committed a crime that landed me in prison with a life sentence. I have been fighting for me freedom ever since. However, being incarcerated has helped to shape my perspective in life. It has, over the years, broadened and corrected my views when it comes to right and wrong. I grew up in a single parent household with seven siblings. My mom spent what time she could with us when she wasn't working two jobs to support us. I learned a lot of incorrect things outside of my household. Things that would attribute to my present day incarceration. Mom made certain we went to church and got acquainted with God. That's another thing that has stayed with me all these years. Its one of the most valuable tools in life mom could have given me, I believe. Now with all the rehabilitation and habilitation that I have willingly took the initiative to incorporate into my life, along with being knowledgeable of my God and Savior Christ Jesus, it has helped to solidify the foundation in which I stand and live. Being both a father and a grandfather, I now know that it's my duty and responsibility to lead my family in the right way. I was once a child, and had childish behavior. But now I'm a man. It's my daily goal to learn something new each day that I may be able to someday impart my wisdom to my family. And my family isn't just those who came by birth. My family are my friends, and strangers as well. The human race is one large family if people would see us as we truly are. God created man and woman, and they replinshed the earth. We, everyone is an offspring from the first two. Today, if you will, say a simple, "Hello, " to a stranger. Or give a compliment to someone you see everyday but have never spoken to. Or if you see someone who might be down on their luck, have a heart and give them a word of encouragement. Let's start cohabitating today without bias or prejudice. Be safe and blessed!

Hello world!.. My name is Reginald Robinson, I'm 32 years old...I was born and raised in the beautiful orlando, fl... I'm an African American, I'm 6'2 with a great sense of humor...I'm a college graduate with an A.S. in business administration as well as a B.A. in business management... I enjoy playing basketball, watching football, writing poetry ( spoken word) as well as I enjoy reading espionage novels.... I enjoy all genres of music especially Hip Hop, R and B, country, jazz and golden oldies...My favorite movie of all time is the classic "Titanic", who knows I may have been from Europe in my last lifetime because Adele is my favorite singer of all time lol...I definitely consider myself an intellectual that enjoys debating history, religion as well as politics...As an R and D I focus on bringing light to the world about the savage conditions of being incarcerated as well as my ultimate goal is to work with at risk youth through a mentor/mentee program to prevent them from making grave mistakes that can alter their lives because a personal mantra I live by and believe in is " prevention is better than cure"....My guidance as well as my square in life is fortitude, justice, morality and peace!!..

 I am a 62 year old citizen of the United States. I grew up in a good home in Hartford, Connecticut. My parents loved and cared for me along with my two older sisters and always valued us as individuals. In 1960, our family moved to Orlando, Florida. I did not always do well in school, mostly I was being bore and wanted to go ride my bike or go down to the lake and fish. The lure of the street called to me, so I dropped out of school at the end of the ninth grade. I did, however years later earn my GED. In addition to a GED, I've furthered my education and received certificates in college accredited courses, i.e., Business Administration (Brannel Community College), Emergency Management (Federal Department Emergency Management Administration), and Paralegal Specialized Studies (Southern Career Institute, Inc.) as well as other course study certifications that are not presently college accredited such as, Civics, Literature, Economics, and Ethic (Civics Enrichment Project-GEO Group, Inc., and Florida Atlantic University), Commercial Class "B" Driving (State of Florida) to name a few. I have been adjudicated through the criminal justice system. On September 14, 1983, I was charged as an accomplice (principal) in a first-degree murder, with two counts of armed robbery with a weapon, kidnapping, and violation of probation. I was convicted as the principal to the crimes of my codefendant on all counts and sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after twenty-five years. With guard to my prior record, I have two misdemeanor convictions, along with three burglary felony offenses, which occurred from the same criminal episode. Be that as it may, I maintain my position as being absent of any guilt relating to a specific crime or offense, which is my present offense of commitment. I acknowledge that I did succumb to temptation-to the lure of the street, if you will, based on social pressure to be accepted as part of a group. In my youth, I was lacking in experience, maturity, and wisdom and thus did not appreciate the complexities and consequences of specified activities. One of the fundamental consequences of my youthful choices is the lack of control over my decisions, and I made poor decisions with regard to who I associated with. I was vulnerable and, as such, susceptible to negative influences, including peer pressure by older individuals. Simply put, my character as a youth was not well formed, due to me being ill-informed. As a youth, I worked a variety of different jobs, such as construction laborer in commercial air/heat/plumbing amongst all other related job sectors, and an apprentice machinist. Any one of these jobs, had I been mature enough to realize it, could have provided me with a lucrative career. As a young adult, I also had an active part in family business activities, i.e., land development and building construction. With such options, I could have truly been a success story. But I was not conscientious in the performance of my duties, responsibilities, and obligations as an American nor was I consistent in adhering to the principles upon which this country was founded e.g., public virtue. In hindsight, I acknowledge that I failed to purse a noble course in life, making bad choices and decisions, and linking up with the wrong people. Today, however I am a mature adult who knows how to organize and use the knowledge I have acquired, and I could, if given the chance, provide useful service to society and my community. Indeed, through grit and determination and with the proper application of knowledge, I can achieve anything I put my mind to-and I can do so without violating the rights of others. EOM, best wishes-jay.

I remember being at home in 2011 watching CourtTV programs and saying to myself on certain cases "I am glad that isn't me"...... Little did I know less then a year later that would be me being accused of murdering someone who meant the world to me. No witnesses to say Shawn is telling the truth is the thing that was missing. My wife was already convinced by law enforcement that "your husband is the culprit" and from there life as I knew it really unraveled very fast. The house, car, family all slowly began backing away because Shawn is now this monster that has committed this heinous crime. That was the narrative that was being played. During the pre-trial portion of my case I had a hope that something would happen but the faith that was there simply could not have been put in the idiot public defender that was representing me. So, I began early on to just prepare for what ended up happening and that was me being convicted and given a natural life sentence. Since 2012 I have been incarcerated and still fighting my case but now I am in the post conviction stage of this nightmare with one thing that I hope and that is for the truth to come to light about who did what that lead me being the one to be convicted of something that I should have never been convicted of.

When I was in the free world I was just like you. I went to work which was in front of my computer room because fixing computer physically, virus removal, reinstallation, database programing (limited), web design, server/network set ups. I took care of my family and at the time I thought I had the most amazing partner life could offer until I needed her to tell the truth but what she did was play ignorant when that time of need came and distance is what she gave me which was the first nail in the coffin. In a court room it looks worse on a defendant when his loved ones is shown to have seperated themselves from him simply because of what they were lead to believe. Nothing that said Shawn did it, just a bunch of circumstantial stuff and pyramiding of of repeated testimony from all medical personel that they used to pull enough heart strings to make it appear that I was guilty. And now the state is trying their damndest to get the courts to not grant a hearing in my favor.

I was 29 years old when this went down and I have just numbed myself to the situation because the fight is more important then sitting around in a constant state of depression. Trust and believe it does become very trying sometimes as you can imagine it does but I don't give up. I keep fighting because everyday I wake up I feel that it is filled with the hope that yesterday didn't have.

While fighting for my life I take advantage of learning more about me. What makes me tick. What my real passion is. And trying to calm the madness in my head that has been created by the circumstances that surround me. I take classes and participate or have participated in classes like:

7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Safe People, Commitment To Change,
Communication and Anger and many more just simply trying to get me right. To get my head back to as normal as possible once again. In the mean time I wish to also educate people to what's happening on this side of the fence. And most of all letting people know that giving up is never an option not if survival and life is a blimp on their radar. Us in here would have no purpose with you out there and you out there would have no reason to do what you do without what we are dealing in here as far as the fight for change is concerned. Shawn Baxter

Romantic Couple Enjoying View

To all advocates! I'm not just with u on this bekuz I have nothing 2 do, I saw a vision long time ago and what u are all doing, what all your fears consist of, and the many different fuels that drive U I feel, experience, understand, and I AM all of it plus! So I am behind the mind thats similar to mine! The heart that thrives to overcome all obstacles or opposition to conquer stand for something ur purpose is driven!!!

MESSAGE FROM PRISON - Not all the messages are from my R&D directly, such as this one. NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!

in 2014( date of reception into D.O.C.), I was assaulted by five(5) xx upon entering into my assigned dormitory from being processed through customs.

Another inmate and myself were heavily beaten by them for almost half an hour. They beat him until he $hit on himself, and they beat me until I was bleeding out the mouth from a watch hitting me by being wrapped around someone's knuckles to use to hit me.....( please excuse my poor grammar and punctuation, its late and I'm sleepy with foggy vision, anyways...) I left the laundry room that they beat us in on foot and the other guy crawled out on his hands and knees. 

They paid 3 or 4 inmates to rape him. . . they did just that. They also gave him an S.T.D. of some sort from what I was told by others. All of that took place simply because (1.) they can get away with it and 2.) because we refused to speak about our cases with them! 

Years later, I filed a lawsuit about it and lost because I " failed to identify the defendant", and I only failed because D.O.C. wouldn't afford me with a photo line up., only then can I identify at least two(2) of them. 

My lawsuit was dismissed without prejudice with leave to refile once able to identify defendant! I can't recall whether it was 2014 or 2015 when I was transfered to xxx C.I. for the first time, but its kinda irrelevant to the case, long story short version, I was raped by my bunkie.

They gave my bunkie a knife to use on me to get me to do sexual things with him. I don't usually sleep on my stomach but when I do its because my back is hurting. Well again, long story short, I was woke by a piece of sharp, cold steel sticking me in the neck, with my bunkie butt naked straddling me with an ugly erect 10 or 11 inch member of his body waiting until I woke to rape me. 

I don't tell this to ANYONE! And its embarrassing as hell so it stays bottled up inside my head, thus haunting me in my sleep causing me to wake up screaming (literally). This, as well as my numerous other encounters while incarcerated, has lead to the recent diagnosis of PTSD. 

I have called the place which is supposed to be "partnered with" D.O.C. called "Another Way Inc." and asked for an advocate to contact me or for an address I can write to and was told that someone would be contacting me soon, but nobody has and it has been two(2) days now.

  • So disgusting. What can we do to help

  • This is beyond upsetting. Ot is also distracting. Because there is nothing you can do about. The system doesn't give a dam

  • This hurts me to my core.. what can we or I do to assist this person??

  • Omg I'm so sorry for you.  Keep us posted. Draw up some petitions. I will Support you

  • Oh gosh, how heartbreaking. Anything I can do to help?

  • Wth why are these Guard's Getting away with this? What can we do?

  • Thinking this is such an abusive situation and it systematically dehumanizes HIM, ME, US. tears.

  • this is horrible


 I know my dreams are big its just the way I dream. I live in reality and know things will happen in steps. never settled though always striving towards being a trend setter in whatever I do. I don't have to be recognized, but my work if even anonymous I want it to influence others in positive ways. That's why I hope my art inspires people to repurpose used items instead of throwing away. repurposed items are more eco friendly than recycling. Just as us, throwing away just isn't an option.

Prison is a place where you wake up sometimes and ask yourself, should I just give up and end my life or continue to be a mattress weight. Most of us have nothing to do but dwell on the past and it wouldnt be so bad if our pasts were filled with joyful and loving memories, but for most of us its just not the case.

So... People need to get real and see that the only way to create positive change is to be that positive change. Your either part of the problem, part of the solution or just wasting ppls time who are actually trying to have an impact. Ppl can talk bout change all they want but most just want to complain about something. when is something truly going to change? When ppl quit talking about what they are gonna do and actually do it.

  • Thank you. Every time I call into self pity cause some petty thing went wrong, reminders like this are a blessing. I'm just one more life on the planet and it's not about me. For whoever wrote this please don't give up. 


Hurt People....hurt people can we agree? When someone is hurting they have a tendency to lash out and hurt others around them. And those around them seem to be the people they care the most about. So I must ask: "Why is it those we love and cherish that we hurt the most?" Do we believe that love conquers all and this will cover the malicious behavior? Malicious...yes because in the depths of our soul we know what we're doing in these moments...we're hurting and nobody wants to hurt alone! Instead of seeking comfort in the hearts of our loved ones we lash out and cause permanent scars..."words" cause more pain in life then any other form of scrutiny. Only because our brain, the thought process will repeat those words throughout the subconscious years after the wounds have healed. When you are hurting, when you feel lost, humiliated and just ready to give up ask yourself this: Can I ask others to love, care for, and acknowledge the pain I'm going through when I can't do it for myself? We deny and distort the truth in our lives because we feel as though if we can camouflage the pain then others won't notice our weaknesses. The reality is you need to first be able to depend on yourself before you can depend on others. It all begins with you, change is something we choose to do but it takes practice, dedication, and hard work. First, believe in yourself and give others the opportunity to believe in you also because if Hurt People continue to hurt people the world will continue to seek violence over peace, pain over pleasure, and chaos over compassion!

 I got a LECTURE FROM PRISON but within it was a MESSAGE FROM PRISON. without goin into details, my temperament  has lately been consistently tested and stress levels very high. Soooo.....

Angie, everybody needs prayers! I understand your dilemma with everything going on in your life and the feeling of betrayal...Sometimes we need to take a step back and choose our battles wisely. We often allow our emotion to jeopardize our integrity and that's exactly what got me here. I do not like to lose, I refuse to bow down when I can justify my actions but does that always make my actions accountable? NO! 

The judge told me that I made the conscience decision to react instead of respond when I walked in on my fiancé and my best friend in the middle of intercourse that I should have just turned around and walked away..."should" have but didn't and couldn't! Why? Because my emotion was stronger than my will....that's the reality. 

There is nothing you can do to change the actions or events that have already taken place because the past will always be set in stone. The choices you make today will only affect the outcome of your future so choose wisely my friend. None of these bills will effect me but maybe they will for some of the men that are ready to go home and live righteously. Please know you can trust me and I'm a good listener if you need someone to vent with. I pray that you have a better day. Much love and respect!

  • Wise words that most will ignore because of where they came from.  Please know that they touched me, they helped me today and I am Grateful.  Thank You for sharing


 I am tired of the abuse by those entrusted with the care of others. This system is filled with the smile on your face, take the kids to an outting type of criminals. I call them criminals bc I can prove it, but no one cares. FDOC is robbing taxpayers, which I can prove as well, I just don't have the resources to investigate to provide all the details at this time. 

I am having a really difficult time here and I am thinking about going psyc, refusing to eat, until they let me go home or die bc 8 years of an illegal detention with nothing to show for it is taking a toll on me. I am broke with no source of income, willing and able to provide for myself and my family but instead FDOC employees would rather me sit in a cell all day so they can create a lazyness habit in an attempt to force me and others to be failures upon release as we have no work ethics or responsibility character traits due to the way we have been forced to live. (DORMANT IN A HUMANWAREHOUSING CONCRETE CAGE) - V.

7 share

We hear you.

Hang in there I've been almost framed before and it gets scary by a bunch of jealous men who were threatened by my intelligence and the hits just keep on coming!


am on my 7th day here at the Central Florida Reception Center, Main Unit as a inmate in transit on my way to another prison. It is 1:47PM, Friday, January 3, 2020. We just came out of our cells about 7 or 8 minutes ago, once the institutions count was cleared. 

As I write this, a lot of officers and medical staff are pouring into the cell block, as a result of a young black inmate haven just been found alone in his cell by another older inmate, covered in his own vomit, unresponsive and not breathing and without a pulse. All inmates were order to lockdown immediately. Being that this guy was housed alone at the time, and we had just spent almost an hour on lockdown for count, no one knows exactly how long he had been in that condition, or, for that matter, what caused it. But if I were a gambling man, I'll put all my money on the K2. It didn't look good at all when they carried him out on the stretcher. Most believe that this guy's sentence has definitely ended. I can't say for sure right now, because I wasn't one of those inmates that actually viewed his body before they alerted the authorities, but according to them, his family is about to receive that most dreadful news that their loved one won't be coming home. Yeah, for some people 2020 got off to a bad start.

I will say that, in this particular situation, unlike so many other incidents that I've witness in prison which required both security and medical staff to respond to a true emergency as they were trained to, neither security nor medical staff missed a beat. I was impressed. And that's coming from a man who is a well seasoned/experienced/knowledgeable "Jailhouse lawyer" and prisoner's rights advocate. I'm always on the lookout for any signs of Civil/Human Rights violations taking place within the system. Trust me. This is just the one time that we can't point the finger at prison staff for acting with deliberate indifference to the inmates serious medical needs. Well, at least as pertaining to the initial response and actions taken to get him out of the dormitory. I can't speak on what I didn't see. But what I will speak on, is the fact that a War On Drugs Inside The Florida Prison System needs to be launched In 2020. If not, I guarantee you they'll be quite a few who won't make it home this year. I watch'em play Russian roulette every day with K2.

Ironically, it is always the stuff that either killed, or almost killed the last guy that they want. I pray you get this.

Locked down/Thinking - J.


  • Just heartbreaking

  • I guess prison is the same no matter where you are geographically. Feeling hopeless is universal. We coming y'all. Stay up!

  • What is K2?

  • I posted what K2 is.

  • It most likely is sprayed on letters and then ingested or smoked by inmates. But if course there are C.O.s who...I just fing' don't know why there are not more cameras in the cells…

  • This is true

  • It's a downright shame.


September 5th 1990, started P.'s journey down the rabbit hole of misfortune, after succumbing to the greed of the streets he finds himself facing the same results. He's faced again with the disappointment that this re-arrest has placed on his family. His mother watches as her son is led away, his little sister has to go back to the routine of not having a big brother around and his little brother is struggling with the guilt of, "what more could I have said that would have changed his mind"? Just three weeks out of prison and only 17 years old he was charged with armed robbery but this is the undercard leading up to the main event of his life. Two and a half years into his sentence he was involved in a prison riot which left 4 corrections officers injured. He was subsequently charged with 4 counts of battery on a law enforcement officer and sentenced to 2 life sentences plus 50 years. Sadly the court deemed it necessary that a then 19 year old P. should be sentenced to death by incarceration, and in my opinion just to prove a point to the majority of the inmate population. Unfortunately no court as of yet deemed this sentence overly egregious in light of the prison and sentencing reform movement. 
In spite of P.'s two life sentences during over the years he has achieved his G.E.D., has maintained his focus with the help of his faith as well as emotional support from family. In light of his dismal circumstance he could have chosen to succumb to what he refers to as, "The Beast" (He explains that there is a point in which time is given to reflect on the misdeeds as well as suffer the consequence of one's actions fails to serve its purpose of correction, and there is no point of redemption back into society). From an academic perspective, the four goals of corrections are: retribution, deterrence, incapacitation, and rehabilitation. Retribution means punishment for crimes against society. Depriving criminals of their freedom is a way of making them pay a debt to society for their crimes. Incapacitation refers to the removal of criminals from society so that they can no longer harm innocent people. Deterrence means the prevention of future crime. It is hoped that prisons provide warnings to people thinking about commiting crimes and that the possibility of going to prison will discourage people from breaking the law. Rehabilitation refers to activities designed to change criminals into law abiding citizens, and may include providing educational courses in prison, teaching job skills and offering counselling with a psychologist or social worker. The four major purposes of prisons have not been stressed equally through the years. As a result, prisons differ in the makeup of their staff, the design of their buildings and their operations. What Mr. P. argues is that when these measures are unbalanced and there is more focus on retribution and incapacitation the psychological effect this has on a person serving time can have adverse effects that are counterproductive to the other two goals of corrections and thus lead to the warehouse agenda, where there is more focus on the business side of corrections such as Job retention, maintaining contracts from vendors and the economic impact of the local community which the prison is located. Aside from this P. chose a different path which is counter to the one that led to the tears that fell from his mother's eyes one of which had no empathy, humanity, self respect and dignity. Rather he acknowledged a problem and made an effort to change. 29 years later the question must arise again does this continued sentence serve its purpose of correction or are we in the era of warehousing?

So these MESSAGES FROM PRISON that I post. Just an FYI i copy the comments (minus names) and paste in bulleted form with the message in doc. After a few pages I print n snail mail to the contacts inside. Along with some interesting info about incarceration n news. The following are some RESPONSES FROM PRISON. YOUR interest, care, concern, words of encouragement reach inside just as their words reach out here! These are the same people to which I sent Legis addresses as well as cjr bills. 

...well just got the message from last night...made me wanna cry. make's me happy you're so passionate and emotional and understanding about our cause...

...Hey there, just wanted to say good morning and let ya know that yes there are parts of the bill that I have no real understanding but I have friends in the law library here that do or that can figure it out and are even putting together a think tank sort of crew there for things like this that could potentially Chang the game for us! maybe reccomend this to the other guys at other places to do the same or try to encourage them to do so. The law library can be a very valuable tool when used correctly!...(in regards to bills sent, they are working together, not fighting!)...

...I just got ur latest mail on prison reform all this about education. I am currently at what is know as Jack city 1 of the most if not the most violent prisons in fla ask about it, I have not had to many problems here but there has not been a teacher here for at least a year and my last 2 camps I was a tutor the first camp I got certified under the table as a ITA thats a teachers aid so i can train and teach inmates and teachers, however its illegal have of the time for me to get a job as a tutor even tho I got the highest scores u can have all bekuz Im in the system as a gang member!!! these liars aint gone do what they saying with that $ its all ascam to get more personal spending $ out the gov...(article on program fund request by DeSantis)...

...when it comes to our post that we made, I think it's a baby step in a major way if that make sense because not only are people in society are responding but we are getting to see their comments... I think that's flame for the fire, well at least for me I know it is motivation because our voice is being heard from behind these walls...I don't think it's nothing bad about what your doing, I just think with all the r and d's we can be more active with being consistent to giving you something valuable because the more posts that are posted, the more attention we will gain...I see the big picture in it's entirety... You want to know something funny as I was reading the mail you had sent and I was reading at first without realizing that those were my words until half way through...I was saying to myself that sounded like something I would say...

...I read the messages some of the others wrote that u sent in both instances and I like what was written! but im going to go back over them to look at the questions I must have over looked, i aint gone say im weird but different. I like to take everything in and ponder deeply b4 I speak. I have a job/mission so everything must be done in the best of wisdom, first i have to separate lower nature (feelings&emotions) from higherself(discretion&logic&rationale thought). U know, I am not negative but alot of my first thoughts when trying to come up with solutions to oppressive problems are by force & violence so I cant always speak on things right away...

At some point, I hope to report many more cases of folks inside workin together for positive change, for common goals, regardless of race, religion, or even affiliation! It may be just a dream, but so is the computer you're on, the phone u using, basically everything ever invented! Just saying! - A


  • I have such contempt for "the systems" n it breaks my heart to read this...I hope he doesn't give up....ever…

  • Great job!

  • Thank you

  • When I'm in the flesh, (we all sometimes do it!)  I know that's not a good way to speak, or move. However, when I get down on my knees,& get into the holy spirit, I'm not only seeing things (differently) but I know the holy-spirit is my guidance,

& lead me righteously, Amen!! #



 I mean in all honestly yes I do want 2 go home earlier but until we focus more on truly CORRECTING these incarcerated individuals n helping them learn true morals n how 2 b decent human beings getting them out earlier won't help w/ squat!!! do u know how many IDIOTS I speak w/ daily who think the only thing they need is 2 get out sooner n all their problems will go away? so many of these men have no clue on what they wanna do or more importantly what they CAN do 2 stay outta here. they think getting out early is the answer n truthfully most of them ppl I, ME, do not want these ppl anywhere near my loved 1's... so if u ask me what's more important I'd say is a truly back'd educational program. that I believe is more important then getting some of these guys out early... idk that's just my thoughts on the subject from living in here…


I agree but the problem is the state can not afford programs without lowering the population first. In my opinion anyway.

Exactly...if they have the same mentality getting out early  wont mean anything if they go right back

Bit extreme but i get that .Immorality is a major issue.Knowing right from wrong is not enough they must be taught the why we need morals and why we need to behave morally .

This is a WHOLE WORD! This is so true. My loved one says the same thing!

They have perssonal there to know or help people rehabilitate, so I feel if they are doing thier jobs we should know if some people are ready to be released. Some people may never be ready, but I know people can change if they desire and should not be judged because of their past mistakes. But it's a process and it takes work, effort, and a real rehabilitation not a pat on the hand.

could you please tell me who these people are is it are there to help rehabilitate? In theory yes they're supposed to have people to help rehabilitate, however in practice it is non-existent. Self- rehabilitation is all there is. The state has failed and continues to fail and it's mission. The fact of the matter is that the department of corrections mission centers around demeaning, degrading, and dehumanizing.

 its suppose to be the personnel employed by dept. Of . Corrections. That's what tax dollars are suppose to be paying for....NON-EXISTENT! (A lil back n forth which happens. I want to point out that alot of folks get upset bout whats supposed to be. Instead of fighting for whats supposed to be, our mission is to continue on past that to the next step of just doing it ourselves!)

(My response)Shalanda Burt-Randall whats supposed to be n what is are very often, not just in prison, 2 different things. We recognize the disparities so where do we go from here? How do we resolve the problem at hand?

one has to be accompanied by the other or we will NEVER get true reform

I feel very strongly that there needs to be opportunities for drug rehabilitation, real mental health counseling and more job training opportunities. I think they should focus on that for sure. Not saying anything negative about loved ones getting sent home so please don't be mad at me. I just know people need help that they're not getting. And No one seems to be hearing us on that matter

I agree! In addition to education/vocational training programs, their jobs need to be more in line with reality on the outside. They need to be used to working eight or more hours a day at a real job...not just busy work. You feel a sense of accomplishment and sleep better at night.

They wanna come home; we want them home. BUT.....they have no classes to learn a job skill, they have no assistance in housing or anything else.  The State of Florida has ste them up to fail.

Speak for yourself. 24 years of this, I am wanting any change that will get me to my family.

It's a honest and real message.

And it's what I really about with my son who has really only known "systems" his whole life except for when I was with him.

There HAS TO BE more programs that helps everyone helps ppl in Prison and more decent support for ppl get out!!. Otherwise it's warehousing and a set up. He's honest!! 

There's more drugs an corruption in prison than out here

florida doesn’t have many options or programs to help them get different skills and it’s sad

There is so much truth in your words. Classification officers really need to focus on the individual and create case plans accordingly. We all come from different life styles. Many don't know how to earn a honest living. "True value of being employed". How important it is to have and maintain good credit. "Understanding how credit works". Parenting. "Most of us had real difficult childhoods ". Self confidence. "Trusting, learning and believing in yourself". Faith base programs are so helpful and can be life changing. When I first got to prison they had this program called "Even Start" it allow spouses or guardians to bring their children to visit their parents in prison but in a different setting almost like a child care setting depending on the children age group. They also allowed spouses to go to church when visiting. Work release should be mandatory according to ones ability and health and it should NEVER be less than 12 month. 2 weeks of lifeskills class right before going home is not enough. These programs should ONLY be offered to the individuals who have earned it, who really truly cares to become better. Most inmates embrace their current situation and that become their reality. When they are released they have no idea how to survive. Life is HARD without having a criminal record, 100 x HARDER with a criminal record therefore we must train, expect and be ready to fight that much HARDER. We have a lot to prove, no one not even your family will trust you until they do. My ONE and constant STRENGTH is JESUS! Never would/could have made it without HIM.

It doesn't matter if inmates are maxed out or if they are released early because if they have no type of support system or any help from the Department of corruption in being able to find jobs and housing and other needs then what do you think is going to happen?

They don't care about rules or laws just covering up their wrongs. I am really about to reach a breaking point. I usually have a pretty positive outlook on life but this last two weeks has been uneventful and unproductive. I haven't written anyone and I haven't been calling home. Have you ever just reached a point where you have had enough? The only time anyone wants to give you help or attention here is when you become a problem and how can you be positive and productive and a problem at the same time. IDK but I am tired of being stuck and held back from success.

  1. That sucks.But you know what, the ppl on the outside do CARE and your home does too. Don't break!

  2. hang in there

  3. Sad but true. My LO goes through periods where he does not feel like talking and overcome with frustration. These moods and mood swings are to be expected - I know when they are coming now and try to prepare and prepare him when I can see and feel he is slipping in to that dark place. I call them the waves we have to ride out - and remind him we will get through this too.  These times are when our LO’s need us the most even when they are trying to push us away.

  4. It is heartbreaking to see all the shit these inmates go through and how bad mentally they go downhill…

  5. I feel you in a sense - My question is why have this went on for so long, cause even though the individuals are locked ^ for a crime - and to my understanding some are locked up for a crime they did not - did not commit.  Still this doesn't mean that a person have to be treated below their human means. Another question to the ones that is in charge: How will y'all think these individual will act - coming out of a place of abuse. Knowing after they are release after experience what went on on the inside coming out.  The people that's in charge of the prison makes decisions that effect everyone - them included. I see your message - stay strong and prayed 

  6. Sending you love and hugs...this 'gig' can take it out of you and sometimes wear and tear you down like you never thought possible.  My good friend who died of cancer a few years back taught me a great lesson when I asked did she ever get down or depressed, she replied, "Oh of course I have my pity party, but I put the timer on for 5 minutes and then I'm done and on to better things".  Now in no way am I not validating you and your frustrations, I am. I am sharing how I have gotten over the rough spots, even though my rough spots may have lasted days, but I had this little voice rooting me on, because "Tomorrow is another day". God bless you and keep you and comfort you.

  7. things are tough out here too

  8. Prayer stay in the word God bless

  9. That is so true!

  10. So sorry you’re feeling so low , you are worthy of love 


personally I appreciate every breathe u put in behind bringing/establishing change for the better of every1 behind the wall. Your efforts trials struggles grief are all appreciated very much, I feel the aggravation through ur words and all I ask is 4 u to b patient with ur decisions n dont make them with ur emotions/feelings but think if its beneficial to the overall development, while at the same time eliminate as much of excess stress away from u as possible. I dont think any1 gave u a deadline. If thats true just ease ur mind find some relax time away, even if its but a lonely hour or two put ur mind on something else for a moment then u can get back to working out ur desires, thats what I do when im ready to Spazz out
You are appreciated more than you know
thank you for sharing
It's all about perspective I guess.
Please tell your R & D people that many of us appreciate their words.  These posts educate us, inspire us and motivate us to focus on the need for change.  Thank you.

I'm scared. I'm scared of losing my loved ones and I'm scared that I'm so fast to get frustrated. I mean I used to be quick to anger, so its different I just get frustrated. but it makes me feel like all the work I've put into getting better at coping with anger and stuff is not as much progress as I'd like to believe when i get impatient with others. you know where I'm coming from with this? it reminds me of the confused and angry young kid that I was when I snapped and look what happened. I'm just saying. I know I'm not perfect and I know we are all vulnerable. but my anger used to be notorious, and I don't want to be like that ever again. so when little things push me almost to the edge.... how can I say I'm ready to get out and be productive if im still that much of a hot head? i could just get mad again and snap and end up in here again for life. 

it is part of that unknown that I fear when u release. look at what my temper did once. I'm just saying. this does nothing for my anxiety problems either. so many problems but I think I'm ready to get out? idk

not if these things still plague me like this. I take a deep breath and face reality but this reality is what scares me. I know I can function in society. that doesn't bother me. its what if I don't control my temper as good as I claim and I snap again. what if its some one I love. again.

  • He's help in there. God they make them worse not better.

  • I just want to say to him slow down n keep on your dreams. Maybe he won't blow up...all the time,  a tizzy for sure but...there has to be something to help him…

  • Angie Hatfield my best advice for him n this is coming from a person who has been to fdoc twice it takes time I even still have moments where lil shit people do gets me super angry but just tell him to self reflection while he is in there n when he has some time to think just try to let go of the past n his mistakes n to try to leave most of that mind set behind when he gets out it's hard believe me but he just has to look at stuff differently when he gets out n one thing that is the biggest thing I have had a problem with letting go is the respect n manners of people out here because in there it's all about respect you say excuse me when you walk by or accidental bumb in to some one out here there is none of that that's just one of the things I still have a problem with getting past but the humbleness will come with time

  • I get angry and completely out if control sometimes, still working on that. And to breath n think before I talk...It's just the way I am...But it doesn't always serve me well!

I just feel bad for him and ppl who have to deal with these feelings and especially when Parole is breathing down your back…

  •  he just has to learn to forgive him self. he just has to learn to breath now one thing I did take home with me from prison is I like my days on a schedule as much as I can get it I think I stay out of trouble that way

  • They need so much more in the way of resources both in and after to transition back home.

  • This is so sad.   But this poor person is at least very sorry for whatever he/she did.   But they shouldn’t have to be afraid that they’ll do it again. There should be resources in there for people who Want and Need Help!!    They totally set them up to fail, by not offering anything, and treating them like animals! No I’m sorry, Animals are treated better!! Complete lack of common sense in this system!   When you treat people with respect, they learn to treat others with respect!!

  • Angie , this letter PROVES THE CONSCIOUS MIND AND THEIR SOUL has come together in remorse and the grief they live with . The anger is very easy to understand in prison . They want and are trying to do better . They now need the classes to help with confidence , training and forgiveness and healing . That is through Jesus Christ alone .


It has always been in question why prisoners who are released get so overwhelmed and return so quickly. I have put a lot of thought into this over the years. I believe this may be a large part of the problem we are struggling with. We live in a world where almost everything besides deoderant are provided to us. We get 3 meals a day (if you can call it a deal) we have "healthcare", a roof over our heads and etc....the everyday worries of life as you know it are not a part of our existence. We become programmed by being told what we need to do and when we must do it and how it must be done on a daily basis which leads me to this: In prison, there is not a single decision that we are able to make without parameters governing the decision. ALL of our decisions are made for us by the D.O.C. What time we wake up, what we brush our teeth with and the toothpaste we must use, what socks to put on, underwear and clothes. What time we eat and what we eat, what time to do everything..shower, bathe, watch t.v, use the phone and every other everyday decision. In your world, you as people make thousands of decisions throughout the day without even realizing it so when an inmate is released we get overwhelmed by these decisions. Individuality is non-exhistant in this world because they make us all look the same. We are modern day robot slaves because we are forced to work without being paid or compensated. How do we is this? I am not sure because we will never be allowed the freedom of choice in here because we are prone to making bad decisions and that's why we are here. 
He's given this a lot of thought. He's living it. I believe him. I'm saddened though that there is so little support once out.He's given this a lot of thought and it makes sense to me
I listen to Ear Hustle which is a Podcast from San Quentin.One of the Podcasts speaks to what this message is about.It's called, Kissing the Concrete.Serving time isn't easy at all but getting out isn't a cakewalk. Its about who may be waiting for you and what services may be available.Highly recommend...!!
I can't impress enough on the outside friends and families of inmates how important it is to have help and structure waiting when they get out. It is so hard to find work and housing even with the resources currently available.
Every job in prison is to prepare you for work when you get out.  Be happy you arent in Mexican prison!!! Take advantage of resources.  You chose crime but cant choose consequences!!!! Just saying!!!
I feel the same way right now.. my anxiety is so high.. scared of all the responsibility on me when I'm going out with nothing having to start over completely and at the same time feeling alienated because of where I've been.. prison changes u emotionally and mentally
This is true but I will add to it. Once we’re home we go through the struggle, that just like prison we must endure. That struggle depending on how you experience it will make you one of the strongest bad ass people of this world or that will forever be your excuse as to why you never reached your full potential. Peer to peer mentoring has been my best support after being raised by the prison system since the age of 13-30. I’m one of those bad ass people that accepts the challenge and build myself up to my full potential.
Very very insightful. This man is looking at a situation and taking the time to try to understand and better it. There is absolutely no fault in this for as if we are to overcome we must first understand!
Believe it or not we are all in prison the government is the corrections officers,ive talked to CPS , ive talked to DMV ,ive talked with police officers and others and most of them are rude to the people pharmacist , lawyers , judges their all rude the only difference between a prisoner and an inmate is  an inmate is put in a cell a prison and if we dont listen and become unruly we as well become inmates stuffed in a box or as the world calls it a cell.
This is so true...and one reason I was so glad when my son started working for PRIDE! In his job in administration he gets to make a certain amount of decisions throughout his day; and his supervisors are civilians.

I was in the hallway about a year ago in the specialty clinic waiting to see the neurologist when the gastrointestinal doctor came out and made a speech. He said: " gentlemen, if you do not want me to cut open your abdomen to unclog your intestines then I would suggest you stop eating the mystery meat you are served because your body is unable to break it down and digest it." 

There is something either in the water or in the food here that is causing men to have golf ball size cyst or tumors that start growing on their bodies and mainly on the head. Have you ever wondered why the medical company or the food company for D.O.C is now a private entity? Have you ever wondered why Jpay stock isn't available for the public to purchase or invest in?

There is a major monopoly that has infested this Department of Corruption and nobody is held accountable. 6 million dollars awarded to the S.T.G department which stands for Security Threat Group. So they drastically reduce the cost spent on food and nutrition. Completely deplete the medical and healthcare of the population yet give millions to track and categorize the gang members. if you are seen associating with a person who is "affiliated" in a gang (4 times) then Tallahassee will also classify you as a gang member. This just happened to me so I know first hand! Because I exercise daily with another white male who is considered to be a gang member now I have become his associate and also labeled as a gang member. Absolutely crazy right? Does any of this make sense to you? 

What Tallahassee is doing is making the whole prison population appear to be gang members so they can justify the "enhanced security" in dealing with these types of inmates. Florida makes more revenue from the prison system then it does from tourists so why is the public so blind to what's happening in the sunshine state? You want to see complete and uncontrollable chaos just wait until they take our physical visitation privileges away and tell us we can only see our loved ones and kids on a computer screen...all hell will break loose literally! I have 11 more years in here and within the next 5 years at the rate its going we will all be housed on 23 hour lockdown and it will be justified by the "mass amount of gang members" inside the State Prison System.....another fabricated "fact". 12 shares

  • I am so is absolute BS...u r right...regular people dont give a shit...until they have a loved one incarcerated.

  • So sad.  Inhumane.

  • This needs to make it in the newspapers and news.

  • My God... How do they get away with this will anything change what they are doing…

  • It's corrupt to say the least population control…

  • They've privatized everything from police to Supreme court. It enables them to do what they want to people without backlash. It goes against the constitution for we the people meaning ALL people and it was done without letting we the people know.

  • Thanks for the TRUTH, & AN EYE-OPENER!!

  • Yes that mystery meat has killed prisoners in more than one state

  • The mystery meet, the lockdowns, the gang n gang affiliations ALL Controlled by the C.O.s, N Warden and the STATE.IT'S NOT OK...Within the Inmates are at the mercy of others...So what do we do? SERIOUSLY, not the State Supreme Court but U.S. court. It's happening in CA 2.

  • I hear you loud and clear I'm out and I will be working on what I can do because I know that prison need to get better.

  • I am trying to find a reporter to do an investigative story on the food and high incidence of gastrointestinal diseases inside FDOC.  My son was diagnosed with acute ulcerative colitis 2014. Has many complications. He has met others with crohn's, IBD, etc.  

  • Gangs - to say you can't befriend a gang member and become a positive influence for that person to change is just stupid

  • Contact the Atlantic. Their reporters sought out RCs to interview at the womens march last year.  They publish things other media doesnt want to cover.

  • Some scary stuff folks. Wish we could share it. A few politicians, Mark Inch, CNN or FOX News should also see it. 

  • Fl is bad Glad I left Never going back there's blatant corruption everywhere and it's very dangerous to try to stop itThe state needs pressure from outside in order to reform because too many people up to the Gov. Office are involved

  • He’s right, you know.

  • WOW!! I am so glad that my lo gets out in just a few weeks. I’ve been so worried about her eating the food. She has had very little money these two years. She’s very rarely had canteen food so mostly eats the chow. I wish I could help financially for many of these poor girls. So darn awful.