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Dear old skool..I hear terrifying stories about how an inmate is treated by authority while incarcerated. Such as eyes bring gouged out. Being beaten while handcuffed. Food trays eaten of of before they even get passed. When I speak with my l.o. he never tells me any bad. He said he is fine. I can't help but think he's not being totally honest with me? Do I try to get him to talk about his experiences or keep our calls on more of easy & relaxed? Thank you for your help.


Dear Kept in the dark,

Though there is no doubt in my mind ( know for a fact ) that all of this goes on inside these fences and far worse atrocities as well, it is no longer the norm or even as common! ( thank God ) Much of this depends so much on things such as institution, type of inmate he is, open pop or confinement, and even race! However if ya boy says he is good chances are very high that he is. All you can do is be there for him and make sure he knows you got his back if any thing ever did transpire! Knowing you have support and back up out there is Paramount! Old School:-) :-) :-)

Dear old school what if anything is the institution doing to help alleviate offenders fears of COVID-19?


Dear mind easer, I cant speak for any other institution but this place i am at has done absolutely nothing at all to ease the mind of inmate population on this. Old School.

Dear old school. do the guards really listen to the calls & read the snail mail & jpay messages?


Dear spied on, Yes have no doubt that big brother is in full effect here in prison. They read (scan) all mail coming in and listen to the phone calls as well as have a system that listens for key words and phrases and as for the Jpay tablets, they watch this very closely and are by far more critical of what is said on there so be on point in all of these areas.

Old School :-) :-) :-)

Dear old school do you have any suggestions on getting skimpy pics to my boyfriend?


Dear Skimpy Flicks, Just send the pictures to me and I will make sure he gets them. Okay don't like that idea? Well I cant (wont) give you any ways outside of the legal course of mail to do this but here are the guidelines. No touching of ones self and no unclothed genitalia if the picture is sexually explicit it wont make it through. Old School :-) :-) :-)

Old school, 
I feel like the only thing people in here respect is violence and I'm tired man! It seems like I'm always in the middle of something and I end up in the box a lot. Trouble seems to stay at my side, how can I just take a break? -Trouble man.

Trouble man, 
Bro you have no doubt touched on some real stuff here but I got some good news for you! Violence is not the only thing people respect...MONEY also, got some? Alright, first of all try looking at what you are into and how you spend your time in the day and night! Chances are high I'm thinking that you are not spending your time in the library, law library, chapel, or the education department! Want a change in your life? MAKE ONE! The people you associate with are also huge factors. If you are involved in crap, you are going to get some on yourself. Note: crap stinks! -Old School.:-)

Old School, 
I have been with my girl for 2 years before I caught this 8 years and she has been there for me these past 2 years but it seems like she is always busy and doesn't answer my calls every time I call now! we fight about stuff at visit cause she gets upset when I ask her if she is seeing someone else. I love her and don't want to lose her but I'm not a fool either! -
No fool.


Old school,

 I just came in to the system and I'm not even really guilty of what they charged me with! I got my appeal in and think I'll be out soon but what do you suggest for me to kill all this dead time I have until they overturn this 3 years they gave me? -Not guilty.

Not guilty, 
Get a dog, Not an option? First off let me put you up on something, this is not "deadtime"! You have a great opportunity to improve yourself and take some serious responsibility! Don't know, don't care why you are here but even if you are innocent of what your actual charges are, it's a high percentage chance that the lifestyle you were living played a major role in your finding a cell! Use this time to fix the things in your life that are broken or need mending. There is truly a reason you are here! Find it, fix it! -Old school :-)


Dear Old School. There is a candybar on my pillow n i dont know where it came from. what do i do? signed youngin

Youngin,  If you have yet to see the mandatory PREA video or you just weren't paying attention, now is the time to do so. If something like this actually happens at the next count time make an "Attention on the wing". Someone is playing a dangerous game and has put something on my bed that does not belong to me nor do I want! Please come pick it up after count before I turn it over to the staff here. You don't need to actually turn it over to staff but don't eat it either! Hold on to it till you EOS and eat it walking out the door:-)


dear old school. why does everyone do the squat pose in vp for solo pic? signed i fallen n i cant get up

Dear Fallen and cant get up, This is a question I've asked myself for many years. I've come to equate it with a lack of brain cell activity! Okay really I believe that it is one of those I see you doing it so I do it thinking its cool. However if you look at this in reality, everyone is looking down on you and this is why I always try for the opposite and have the camera person squat down or at least be even with me!:-)


No fool, 
Make her move in with your mother! yeah that probably wouldn't go either. Well my friend, first thing you gotta do is realize that you left her out there! second, she takes your calls, probably sends you a few bucks, and comes to visit you! Sounds as if she is pretty committed to you! Blessing for sure! Now, If she is not seeing someone else out there it would explain her being upset by your accusations of her seeing someone else! We in here tend to forget how crazy and hectic life can be out there and though we have all the time in the world to dwell on them not answering a call, they are working or doing what needs to be done to make ends meet! Try to be more understanding and less accusatory and see if this helps your relationship. More times than not what we think we know, we don't know at all. -Old School:-)

dear old school. my boyfriend just caught 3 yrs. how much does he need monthly on his account? signed broke af

Dear Broke AF, This truly depends on what you are capable of providing! First and foremost, you have obligations out there that he does not have and anything you can provide him with is a blessing! As to a number, $25 to $35 per month should cover the basics. The prices in here are gas station prices as well as product:-)


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